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We’ve Got A New Look – Here’s Why




We’re excited to announce that as of April 2021, we’ve launched a rebrand of our logo, color scheme and website! We have been working on this change for the past few months and the reason behind it is definitely more than just aesthetics. 

Our Beginning

When we first founded LeadsTunnel in 2017, it was solely a lead transferring tool. All it was capable of was sending leads from Facebook Lead Ad to a specific CRM platform in real-time. Hence, our original logo was simply a “L” for LeadsTunnel and an email icon representing a lead.


LeadsTunnel Logo (Version 1.0)

Evolution of LeadsTunnel

In 2019, we’ve relaunched LeadsTunnel with added features such as lead scoring and instant lead notification to help businesses better capture and qualify leads. That time, we only made a slight tweak to the logo by changing the color and the typeface. Our intent was to give the brand a more youthful tech vibe as we are committed to establish a real SaaS startup. 

LeadsTunnel Logo (Version 2.0)

As LeadsTunnel continues to evolve, we decided that a new look is needed to better communicate who we are as a brand and answer the most fundamental question, that is, “why do we exist?”. We want to create a new logo that is not as literal as a “L” and an email icon, but something that truly represents our mission. 

Introducing Our New Logo

Current LeadsTunnel Logo

As you can see, our new logo is drastically different from our original. We want to create something refreshing to signify our commitment to change. The use of the double send arrows represent a few things. 

First, the arrows represent the leads. By having one arrow positioned on top of the other, it creates a movement from one point to the next. This is our mission to bridge the gap between marketing and sales through automation.  

Second, when you look at the two arrows vertically, you may notice that it looks like a funnel. This represents the lead nurturing journey as prospects convert into customers. Moving forward, any decision or innovation that we build will revolve around capturing, nurturing, and qualifying leads. Our vision is to disrupt the sales industry by helping businesses nurture leads more intelligently without the need to hire internal sales agents or appointment setters. This way any business of any size, even if you’re a solopreneur, can afford a “virtual sales team” that can help prepare leads for higher sales opportunities. 

Lastly, the colorway of the arrows consist of 3 different shades of blue. We created a gradient effect from the darkest to the lightest blue to continue signifying the motion of the leads. The center shade of the blue is sampled from our original V1.0 logo, and the lightest shade is sampled from our V2.0 logo. We still want to incorporate  parts of our past as that is what got us here today.

As for the color blue in general, it has different meanings.  But for us specifically, it means loyalty, confidence, and expansiveness. 

  1. Loyalty because we are committed to helping our customers grow their businesses.
  2. Confidence because we believe that our product can make a significant difference in helping businesses capture, nurture, and quality leads. 
  3. Expansiveness because we believe that LeadsTunnel will continue to grow and improve to better help our customers reach their business goals.

So this is our new logo. We are still LeadsTunnel but we’re more committed than ever to change for the better and continue to aim for a higher level of service to serve our customers. 

If you are looking to automate your lead generation efforts, try out LeadsTunnel for free now!

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