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9 Things You Do NOT Want To Do When Sending Emails




The ultimate goal of Email Marketing is to get your emails in front of the eyes of your subscribers. 

This is especially important when the average order value from emails is 3x higher than social media according to campaign monitor. 

But unfortunately, the emails you send to your list don’t always get opened! And there could be many reasons for why that is … 

So to help you get the best results with your Email Marketing efforts, we have created a list of 9 things you DON’T want to do when sending out emails. Continue reading to discover what they are…

1) Don’t Forget The Email Preview Text

The Email preview text is visible in most inbox emails. It is the text that comes after the sender’s information and subject lines to introduce the content of the email, as you can see in the image below.

Email preview text example

It only previews a limited amount of text, around 35-90 characters. But it’s a chance to give your email subscribers an idea of what is inside the email and for them to decide if it’s of interest to them or not.

It’s also a great opportunity to grab the attention of your subscribers.

So don’t skip writing a preview message for your emails, and A/B test them to learn what gets you the highest open rate with your email list.

2) Don’t Hide The Unsubscribe Button

When sending out emails, it’s important that you don’t hide the unsubscribe button. You need to make sure there is a clear unsubscribe button, and that it is easy for your list to unsubscribe.

This is because there is no point in sending emails to someone who doesn’t want to receive them.

People don’t like not being able to unsubscribe from emails or when it’s difficult for them to unsubscribe. They will probably report you to CAN-SPAM ACT if they aren’t able to as it isn’t allowed under some consumer protection regulations.

4) Don’t Burn Out Your List

When you send too many emails to your list, emails that aren’t relevant, or oversell to them, you can burn out your list. 

You can prevent this from happening by making sure to train your list with what to expect from you, and by also providing your list with relevant content and information that they would want. 

For example, tell them what type of emails they will be receiving from you in the description of the opt-in page. Let them know if it will be mostly promotional emails, newsletters, or content pieces, as shown in the example below.

Email subscribe example

Source: Neil Patel

4) Don’t Send Emails Without Permission

You’d be surprised by how many businesses send emails without getting permission to do so. Which is not good because it is illegal, it will make your email list mad, and most likely get you blacklisted.

So, make sure you get permission by having people opt-in to join your email list.  This will also prevent you from getting reported to CAN-SPAM.

Although it’s not required by CAN-SPAM to have an opt-in, it is recommended to have one anyway to avoid any complaints or investigations about your email marketing practices. Otherwise, you could get hit with a penalty of up to $41,484 per email that is not in compliance.

5) Don’t Use Flashy Videos Or Images

You might be thinking that if you use flashy videos or images in your Email, it’s a great way for you to stand out and catch your reader’s attention. But the reality is that it will take forever to load or won’t load at all. 

When sending emails, it’s important to consider the devices that your email list is using to read their emails since most are opened on mobile devices. 

If you want to send them a video, it is best to put a link that takes them to the video on a separate page for them to watch. 

So, send emails that are readable in different formats by keeping them clean and simple for your readers.

6) Don’t Make Your Call-To-Actions Hard To Find

With emails, the goal is to get readers to take the next step in the customer journey by having a call-to-action in your email. The call-to-action could take them to a shopping page or to an informative link that provides content.

Whatever step it is that you want them to take, you need a clear call-to-action that is clear, easy to find, and straight forward. 

This makes it so your subscribers know what action they should take next from your emails.

7) Don’t Use No-Reply Email Addresses

A no-reply email is an email address used to send emails that are formatted like this: noreply@yourwebsitehere.com.

Don’t use a no-reply email address because it can harm your open rate, and it can increase your email’s chance of being marked spam or ending up in the junk folder. This is a problem because it can be very hard to get out of the spam folder.

When you use a no-reply address for your emails, it’s because you don’t want to get your email flooded with unnecessary responses. After all, responses to a no-reply address are never answered, or they are sent back with a no-delivery message. 

By not allowing your list your reply back to you, you are missing out on having valuable communication with your email list. They might be having an issue getting access to something you sent them, struggling to complete a purchase, or they might just have a simple question.

For this reason, we highly suggest using an email address with your company name like info@leadstunnel.com or even better, using a personalized email such as kate@leadstunnel.com. 

And by using a personalized email, it can help get your emails to get put into the primary inbox because it’s coming from an actual person and not just a company.

8)  Don’t Buy Email Lists

As tempting as it may be, you do not want to buy email lists

The reason is that the emails on the list might not want to receive emails from you and will just unsubscribe. They won’t be engaged, and your emails will end up in a junk folder or get marked as spam.

A bought email list is most likely not interested in your business and will probably be more concerned about how you got their information and not your products or services.  

It’s pointless to buy email lists when you can easily spend money on generating leads through Facebook or Google Lead Ads and grow your list that way. 

Check out our full walkthroughs on running Facebook Lead Ads here as well as Google Lead Ads here.

You can get email leads through the easy opt-in forms that Lead Ads have, so you are growing an email list of people who are interested in your business’s products or services.

9) Don’t Make Your New Subscribers Wait To Hear From You

When you have gathered new email list subscribers, don’t make them wait to hear from you.

This is because once the subscriber has opted-in, you want to keep your business at the top of their mind. After getting hit with your ad, they have already been hit with several ads right after. 

The internet has become like a digital New York Times Square, with ads appearing everywhere you go.

So because of this, once you’ve collected emails through your Facebook and Google Lead Ads, you’ll need to immediately start building a relationship with them and take them through your customer journey. 

The only problem is that this can take a long time because you’ll need to manually export all the new emails you’ve gathered and import them into the ESP (Email Service Provider) or CRM of your choice.

But With LeadsTunnel, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It is the easiest and fastest way for you to automate your digital marketing funnels.

Automate Your Digital Marketing Funnels 

LeadsTunnel streamlines all your leads information in real-time into your ESP or CRM to make it easy for you to send them emails as soon as they have submitted their information to you.

This means faster response times so you can quickly turn new email subscribers into new customers.

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Send Emails That Get Opened

We hope these 9 Don’ts of Email Marketing help you get higher open rates with your emails and keep them out of the spam or junk folders.

For more Email Marketing Tips, check out our article all about Email Subject Lines here. 

Please leave a comment below to let us know what you think about these 9 Don’ts of Email Marketing. And be sure to share this article with your network of entrepreneurs, we appreciate it.

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