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The Most Common Mistake Every Beginner Email Marketer Makes And How You Can Avoid It




Sending emails is the best way for your business to build relationships with potential customers.

But when you are starting out with Email Marketing, a common mistake is thinking that the best and easiest way to get it started is by buying an Email List…

Well, you are completely WRONG!

Buying an email list is a bad idea because there are much better ways to collect emails!

Before we explain how you can avoid having to buy an email list by growing your own, let’s get into exactly why buying an email list is a huge mistake.

So continue reading to learn the 5 reasons why it’s not a good idea to buy an email list.

1) Low-Quality Emails

The quality of emails from an email list you bought will be extremely low. The reason for this is because you have no idea how old the emails on the list are, their interests, where the emails came from, or even if the emails are still being used.

The emails on the bought list probably have no idea about your business, so the chance of you getting anything out of even sending them an email is low. 

2) Low Open Rates

The email list that you buy will not have a good open rate compared to if you were to grow your own email list.

Since they didn’t sign-up themselves to receive emails from you, the emails you send to them probably won’t get opened and will most likely get deleted or marked as spam. 

3) High Unsubscribe Rate

There is a strong chance that you will get a high unsubscribe rate from a purchased email list. 

People will be annoyed that you are sending them an email they didn’t sign-up for and instantly unsubscribe from receiving emails from you.

And it is unlikely that your emails will be of any interest to them considering you don’t know much about the recipients to begin with.

4) Get Marked As Spam

When you send people emails that they aren’t expecting to receive, it will usually end up getting marked as spam. 

And once your emails get put into the spam folder, it can be very hard to get your emails out. 

There is also a chance of people reporting your emails to CAN-SPAM.

It is not required by CAN-SPAM to have people opt-in to your email list, but it is highly recommended to avoid any complaints or investigations about your email marketing practices. 

You could get hit with a penalty up to $41,848 per email that is not in compliance.

5)Tarnish Businesses Reputation

Buying an email list will tarnish the reputation and legitimacy of your business. 

If you send people emails that you don’t expect to receive, it will appear scammy to them and will make them worry about how you got their email and not about your products or services.

It is a lot better for you to spend time and money on growing your own email list because it is much more beneficial to your business. 

If you buy an email list, you will never get the results you want. There is no point in wasting your time sending emails to people who never wanted to get emails from you in the first place. 

So to help you avoid making the mistake of buying an email list, here is a list of steps for you to follow to easily, quickly, and affordably build an email list for your business!

How To Build Your Own Valuable Email List In 3 Easy Steps

1) Run A Google Lead Form Ad Or Facebook Lead Ad

Facebook Lead Ads or Google Lead Forms are great methods for collecting email subscribers fast and easily. We use them ourselves to grow email lists and have had great success with it. 

Facebook Lead Ads allows you to easily collect new email subscribers through a form that pops-up when the ad is clicked on and is already pre-filled with their information.

It’s a very convenient option because it requires no landing page for you to collect emails, so you don’t have to worry about designing or creating additional websites. 

Google Lead Forms lets you collect emails through search ads on mobile devices. There is a form on the ad for the person to quickly and easily submit their information to you.

And if you want more details about how to set-up your own Facebook Lead Ads, check out the blog here that gives a full walkthrough.

We also have one for Google Lead Forms that shares step-by-step instructions on setting up your first Google Lead Form, go here to read it now.

2) Attract Subscribers With A Lead Magnet

Facebook Lead Ads and Google Lead Ads are convenient ways to build an email list, but you do have to put in a little more effort than that. 

It’s not enough to run an ad and expect people to just give you their information, instead you bait them by giving them something for free in exchange for providing you with their email.

And you can do that with a Lead Magnet. 

A Lead Magnet is an incentive that you can use to attract people to give you their information, and in return, you give them something for free. 

Here is a list of different types of Lead Magnets:

  • PDF
  • eBook
  • Discount/Free Shipping
  • Video Training
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Check List

We even have a full blog that details how to create a Lead Magnet, Go here now to check it out.

3) Follow-up With Your New Email Subscribers

Now that you’ve gathered emails for your business, you need to follow-up with them right away. 

There are so many other businesses advertising and trying to get attention online, so it’s important that you immediately send them a follow-up email to start building a relationship with your new subscribers.

Although Facebook Lead Ads and Google Lead Forms are efficient ways to collect leads, they have a problem…

There is no automated way for you to send an email to your new email subscribers.

If you want to retrieve the emails you’ve collected through Facebook or Google, you have to find the button to do so and manually export them yourself.

And then you also have to go through the trouble of uploading them to your Email Service Provider (ESP), which would all be a very time-consuming and tedious process.

But with LeadsTunnel, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

Automate The Entire Process

LeadsTunnel is software that ‘tunnels’ your new email subscribers into your pre-existing ESP, it sends all the collected information from Facebook Lead Ads And Google Lead Forms into your provider.

This will allow you to respond to your new email subscribers in real-time and send them an email as soon as their information is collected.

There are also in-app emails and SMS features that give you the ability to communicate with your leads and store all their information in LeadsTunnel. This is a cost-effective solution if you don’t have a CRM or ESP in place.

So claim your FREE 7-day LeadsTunnel trial today to start sending emails to your new email list immediately and automate the entire process!

Click Here Now To Claim Your FREE 7-Day LeadsTunnel Trial

Grow Your Email List

We hope that this blog has helped you understand the importance of building an email list and not buying one.

Because Email marketing is a very essential part of creating a business and helps build relationships with future and past customers. 

Please comment below to share your experience and thoughts on buying an email list! Let us know your results on trying Facebook Lead Ads or Google Lead Forms for yourself. We love hearing about how our training has helped your business. 

And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to claim your FREE 7-day LeadsTunnel trial!

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