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9 Ways To Kick Start Your Online Business And Get Your First Sale




When starting an online business, getting your first online sale doesn’t come easy. It could be a long and treacherous journey, but eventually, it will happen.

So, to help with the journey, we have made a list of what you can do to help things move along a little faster. 

Continue reading to learn 9 ways to kick start your online business and get your first sale!

1) Create Content

Everyone is always saying you need to create content, and they say that with good reason. 

It is shown that Marketers with blogging efforts in place are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI (Source: Hubspot).

This is why if you have the time to start creating content, you should as it can help get leads which can later turn into a sale.

Because when you create content, it helps to build trust and authority in your industry.

There are different ways that you can create content. You could start a blog, podcast, or create youtube videos. But make sure to do whichever one you think you would be better at and focus on that at first.

2) Pay Attention To Statistics

Statistics may not seem like that a big of a deal, but you should be paying attention to them. 

The reason why is because they let you know about what is going on in your industry, marketing strategies that are working, and help give you new ideas to get ahead of the competition. 

But most importantly, it can help get your first sale. 

Because you can use the important information you learn from statistics and put them to use with your marketing strategy, so always stay informed! 

I recommend clicking here to check out our blog post that shares some mind-blowing statistics about Lead Generation that really could help your online business.

3) Start Email Marketing

When you start an online business, you need to do email marketing. 

Email marketing is important for getting sales because it allows you to run email promotions and get purchases from people that have expressed interest in your business.

In fact, the average order value from emails is 3x higher than social media according to campaign monitor.

So if you aren’t doing Email Marketing yet, it’s time to start! 

I recommend checking out our blog post that shares with you tips on how to write simple emails, go here to check it out now.

4) Run Lead Ads

Now that you’ve learned the importance of Email Marketing, you need to start running Lead Ads.

Lead Ads will let you collect emails of people that are interested in your business so that you can sell to them later on. 

There are two different types of Lead Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, and Google Lead Forms.

Facebook Lead Ads allows you to easily collect new email subscribers through a form that pops-up, and is already pre-filled with their information all within the Facebook platform.

It requires no landing page for you to collect emails, so you don’t have to worry about designing or creating additional websites. 

Google Lead Forms lets you collect emails through search ads on mobile devices. There is a form on the ad for the person to quickly and easily submit their information to you.

And to get started on setting up for your first Facebook Lead Ad, click here to read our blog that gives a full walkthrough.

 There is also a blog for Google Lead Forms that shares step-by-step how to set-up your first Google Lead Form, click here to go read it now.

5) Use Competitors To Your Advantage

When it comes to getting your first sale, using your competitors to your advantage can help. 

For your Facebook Lead Ads, you can use a big competitor as your keyword when advertising on Facebook. 

This way, your ads are appearing to people that you know will be interested in your products or services. 

For example, if you sell kitchen gadgets online, you could use “Bed Bath and Beyond” as your keyword for your detailed targeting.

You could also use this strategy with Public Figures that are popular in your industry and use their name to target your ads.

So, keep an eye on who your competition is and utilize it to help get sales!

6) Create A Lead Magnet

Another way to help encourage getting your first sale is by creating a Lead Magnet. 

If you don’t know, a Lead Magnet is a marketing tool that you can use to attract leads to give you their email by giving away something for free in exchange.

It can be used in your Lead Ads to give them that extra push to submit their information to you.

And then inside of the Lead Magnet, you can advertise your products or services to encourage them to buy or try to get them to buy through email.

But it’s important to remember that you can’t just sell through your Lead Magnet, it also has to provide valuable information to whoever receives it.

There are two different types of Lead Magnets, content-based and offer-based. 

Content-based is like a free ebook, pdf, or checklist, while an offer-based Lead Magnet is offering a discount or free consultation. 

Here is an example of a Lead Magnet being used in a Lead Ad:

Facebook Lead Magnet Example

As you can see from the image above, they are using a free email capture checklist as their Lead Magnet. 

With Lead Magnets, you can take on the task of creating one yourself or having someone create it for you. 

But if you do decide to take on the task of creating your own, check out our blog by clicking here that shares how to create your own lead magnet.

7) Have A Special Offer

A great way to encourage getting your first sale is by having a special offer as an incentive to buy. 

Having a special offer is going to help attract customers who are interested in buying and give them that extra push they need to make a purchase.

You can make a special offer for first-time customers only or also do a special offer for repeating customers.

It’s up to you what you make the special offer, but it can be used in emails to give leads that are interested in that extra push they need to buy. 

Or it can be used as a Lead Magnet to attract people to give you their email and then take them through the sales process.

8) Create A Sales process

It’s a lot easier to get a sale if you have a sales process in place. 

A sales process is the journey that the customer goes on from their first introduction to your business to finally making a purchase.  

By creating a sale process, you can continue to push your leads to purchase if they haven’t.

And even get those who have purchased from you before, to do so again.

Here is an example of a simple sales process that you could use: 

Running Lead Ads to get leads→ Using a Lead Magnet or special offer to attract them to give their email → Following-up with a series of emails to get a sale.

So, put together a sales process so that you can start turning leads into customers and getting sales!

9) Use LeadsTunnel

Earlier, we mentioned using Lead Ads to collect emails of people who are interested in your business so that you can sell to them later on.

But the only problem is that although Facebook Lead Ads and Google Lead Forms are great methods for collecting emails, they have a problem… 

There is no automated way for you to send an email to your newly collected email list.

If you want to retrieve the emails you’ve collected through Facebook or Google, you have to find the button to do so and manually export them yourself.

And then you also have to go through the trouble of uploading them to your Email Service Provider (ESP), which would all be a very time-consuming and tedious process.

And if you are spending so much time trying to collect your leads, you won’t have to focus on getting sales. 

But with LeadsTunnel, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

LeadsTunnel is software that ‘tunnels’ your new email subscribers into your pre-existing ESP, it sends all the collected information from Facebook Lead Ads And Google Lead Forms into your provider.

This will allow you to respond to your new email subscribers in real-time and send them an email as soon as their information is collected. 

So that you can start getting sales immediately through your emails!

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Work Hard And Stay Focused

Hopefully, this blog has given you some ideas on what you can implement with your online business to get your first sale! 

Getting your first sale is never easy, so just remember to take things one step at a time. If you continue to work hard and stay focused, your business will get sales and become successful.

Don’t forget to comment below, letting us know how our training has helped you and your business, and if you can, please share this blog with your network of entrepreneurs, we appreciate it.

And if you haven’t yet, click here to claim your free 7-day LeadsTunnel trial!

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