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How The Facebook Pixel Works & 3 Things That Will Kill Your Facebook Pixel [Video]




The Facebook Pixel is your #1 asset because it is the key to getting good results with your Facebook Ads. 

It is a piece of code that you place on your website that allows you to measure the results of your ads, optimize campaigns, and help get the cheapest cost for your ads.  

And not paying attention to your Facebook Pixel can negatively impact the results of your ads. 

So before we get into what can kill your Facebook Pixel, let’s first break down exactly how a Facebook Pixel works…

How Does Facebook Pixel Work?

The Facebook Pixel can recognize visitors’ actions like devices used, pages visited, and other actions. 

And with this information, you can improve the targeting of your ads, and go after specific audiences to make those visitors more likely to take the desired action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to your email list. 

By installing the Facebook Pixel, you can analyze traffic and create custom audiences to optimize for conversion events! 

Facebook Pixel events are the actions that take place on your website, as a result of your paid Facebook Ads. And when an action takes place on your website, it gets logged by Facebook Pixel as an event.

There are 3 different types of Facebook Pixel events, standard events, custom events, and custom conversions.

Standard events are actions that are recognized and defined by Facebook. For example, when someone purchases, completes a registration, search on your site, or adds to wishlist. 

Custom events are any actions that fall outside those covered by Facebook’s standard events. And can be named anything to represent the action taking place. 

Then there are custom conversions that let you create rules for events or URLs. When you create these rules, it allows you to measure more specific customer actions.

For example, an eCommerce store wants to see online sales from women’s clothing over $30. They can create a custom conversion that fires every time someone makes a purchase that is a woman over $30. 

Then after enough time, the information can be used to optimize the ad delivery, which means they would show your ad to people who are most likely to purchase women’s clothing over $30 based on the data it receives.  

The Facebook Pixel is amazing and is a must when running your ads. Which is why it’s important to be aware of what can kill your pixel.

If you learn better through video, I recommend checking out this video made by our CEO, which explains what can kill your pixel. Click on the video below to watch it.

Otherwise, continue reading to learn the 3 things that will kill your Facebook Pixel…

1) Using The Standard Event Pixel

If you only have one product and an online store, then this does not apply to you, and using the standard pixel is perfectly fine.

But, if you have lots of products, stores, or services and all your campaigns are using the same objective of a standard event, then the ads you run are going to get very bad results. 

Instead, you want to create custom conversions for every single funnel or product that you sell. 

This way you are getting Facebook to use the right data to optimize your campaign and your results will be much better.

Otherwise, you are feeding your pixel data from all of your products and stores that isn’t relevant and will affect the outcome of your ad.

2) Garbage Traffic

Remember that the Facebook Pixel is being trained by you. 

This means that whatever traffic you are sending to your pixel, it reads it, optimizes, and learns more about your business.

So, if you have been giving irrelevant traffic to your pixel, when you advertise, the pixel is going to think these are the type of customers you want.

And your results are going to be affected because it is being taught to go after bad traffic. 

So do not buy traffic on fiverr or pop-up ads because it will negatively impact the results of your ads.

And remember to check the traffic that is being sent to your URLs. Go into your pixel, under page view, and check to see the URLs that are triggering your pixel.

If you see anything out of the ordinary, make sure you block it so that you aren’t giving your pixel any bad data.

3) Selling Your Pixel

Your pixel is your #1 asset, especially as an online business, which is why you need to protect it as much as you can. 

So, if anyone asks to buy your pixel, do not sell it. 

You want to continue to give your pixel the right visitors and conversions to optimize your business.

The more good data you feed your pixel, the better results you’ll get with your Facebook Ads. 

And when it comes to Facebook Ads, we highly recommend using Facebook Lead Ads.

In fact, we teach many of our students how to utilize Facebook Lead Ads to get leads and grow their business. 

Facebook Lead Ads allows you to easily collect new leads through a form that pops-up, and is already pre-filled with their information all within the Facebook platform.

It’s a very convenient option because it requires no landing page for you to collect leads, so you don’t have to worry about designing or creating additional websites. 

And if you want to learn how to set-up your own Facebook Lead Ads, click here to read our blog that gives a full walkthrough. 

But the only problem is that although Facebook Lead Ads is a great method for collecting emails, there is a problem…

There is no automated way for you to send an email to your newly collected leads. 

And with so many other companies advertising on Facebook, it’s important to follow-up with new leads immediately to keep you at the top of their mind. 

If you want to retrieve the leads you’ve collected through Facebook, you have to find the button to do so and manually export them yourself.

And then you also have to go through the trouble of uploading them to your CRM or Email Service Provider (ESP), which would all be a very time-consuming and tedious process.

But with LeadsTunnel, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

What Is LeadsTunnel?

LeadsTunnel is software that ‘tunnels’ your new leads into your pre-existing ESP, it sends all the collected information from Facebook Lead Ads into your provider.

This will allow you to respond to your new leads in real-time and send them an email as soon as their information is collected.

There are also in-app emails and SMS features that give you the ability to communicate with your leads and store all their information in LeadsTunnel. This is a cost-effective solution if you don’t have a CRM or ESP in place. And for an additional cost, you can also make phone calls through LeadsTunnel.

So claim your FREE 7-day LeadsTunnel trial today to automate the entire process! 

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Get Better Results

Hopefully, this blog has given you insight on Facebook Pixel and how to prevent yourself from ruining it.

And now you can use your Facebook Pixel to help get the best cost and results with your Facebook Lead Ads. 

So, comment below sharing with us how our training has helped you and your business, and if you can, please share this blog with your network of entrepreneurs, we appreciate it! 

And if you haven’t yet, remember to claim your FREE 7-day LeadsTunnel trial now by clicking here!

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