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The Secret Formula For Writing High-Converting Facebook Ad Copy [Video]




Copywriting is a powerful tool and is one of the most important elements when it comes to your Facebook Ads. It’s the written words that marketers use to set themselves apart and to get a person to take a desirable action or to make a purchase.

With copywriting, you want the reader to feel, think, or respond based on what is written. It’s a skill that is learned over time because it can be difficult to write copy that converts to a sale.

Today, we are going to learn the secret formula for writing high-converting Facebook Ads to help you get leads and customers. 

If you prefer learning through video, watch this video by our CEO Fred Lam that teaches all about copywriting for Facebook Ads.

Now, let’s learn the secret formula for writing ad copy that converts: the A.I.D.A Formula.

What Is The A.I.D.A. Formula? 

A.I.D.A. stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It’s a formula to follow when copywriting and can be very effective when used for Facebook Ads.

But recently, Facebook has shortened the amount of copy that is shown to the ad viewer from 7 lines to only 3 lines. 

Facebook Ad Copywriting

Image source: Search Engine Journal

Therefore, we have come up with a new formula for writing Facebook Ad Copy, which is A.A.I.D.A., as shown in the graphic below.

Copywriting For Facebook Ads Using the A.A.I.D.A Formula

This way, you can ask the viewer of your ad to take a certain action before your copy is cut off. If they select the “see more” button to continue reading the ad, you can retell them the action that you want them to take at the end of the ad.

Continue Reading to learn what each letter of the A.A.I.D.A. Formula stands for and how you can follow it when writing your Facebook Ad copy.


At the beginning of the copy for your ad, you want your first sentence to have a hook that gets the reader’s attention, especially since people see so many ads on Facebook daily. 

So because of that, your copy should intrigue the reader enough to make them stop scrolling and read your Ad.

With the popularity of Social Media and E-Commerces, there are most likely several other businesses just like yours. So It’s important to try to approach your copywriting from a different angle to make yourself stand out.


The action in your copy is the call-to-action (CTA) that you use to direct the person viewing your ad in taking the desired action.

As mentioned previously, since Facebook Ads only gives you 3 lines of copy now and cuts it off with the “see more” button, you need to tell them the action you want them to take before the copy gets cut off.  

The reason for this is because you want the viewer of your ad to know what to do even if they don’t click the “see more” button. You want them to go through with the action after seeing only 3 lines of copy. 

It’s important to make sure your CTA is clear, direct, and understandable to the reader. This ensures that they know exactly what action to take. 

We recommend using tiny.ie for the links you use as your CTA, it lets you shorten your links. This way, they don’t take up as much room in your ad copy, and it looks nicer. 

It also lets you easily track how many clicks you get from the ad and easily change which website page the link directs the person to if needed. Therefore, if you have issues with the websites that you link to in your ads, you can easily change where the link goes to by using tiny. 


The next part of your ad copy shows when the person viewing your ad has clicked to “see more.” This can mean that the person is not convinced enough that your product or service is for them and that you still need to get them interested.

Within 1 to 2 sentences, you have to get them to overcome any objections they may have towards your product or service. The way to do is by making the reader want your offering by speaking about the benefits or outcomes they can gain by buying into your ad. 

Remember, they are curious about what you are offering, but they aren’t convinced yet. And you need to convince them and get them interested in your product or service within those next 1 to 2 sentences.


For the next part, you have to encourage getting the click-through by the person reading your ad. But how do you do that? By having an offer that they can’t resist, and that makes them desire your product or service. 

They are sold on your business by this point, so you want to present your offer to them within one sentence. With your offering, it needs to be that extra push to make them go through with purchasing your product or service.

Your offering should be a discounted price or special deal that gives them a sense of urgency and scarcity, so they think they need to act fast, or they will miss out.


At the end of your ad copy, you want to tell them again the exact action that you want them to take. 

This is only for those who clicked the “see more” button on your ad. Since you should have a call-to-action before the 3 lines of text cut off, as mentioned previously.

By having another CTA at the end of your copy, it lets you reiterate to them what action you want them to take by having another CTA that is clear and easy to identify.

Therefore, anyone who isn’t completely sold by just reading the first 3 lines of your ad copy, will be reminded at the end of what action to take. 

Here are some examples of CTAs you could use:

  • Shop Now
  • Sign-Up
  • Get Yours
  • Buy Now.

We hope this secret formula has helped with your copywriting for your Facebook Ads. When you have a well-written ad copy that captures interest, it is much easier to get to them to take the desired action that you want.

But did you know you can use Facebook Ads to generate leads all within the Facebook platform? By using Facebook Leads Ads with strong copywriting, you could start bringing Leads into your Business through the Facebook platform. 

No reason to take them to a landing page, if you do a Lead Ad on Facebook, there is a pre-populated form with their information already in the fields to make it easy for them to opt-in to your ad offering.

If you don’t know how to set-up a Facebook Lead Ad, check out our blog post that gives an entire walkthrough on how-to here.

Get Leads With Your Facebook Ads

Start using Facebook Lead Ads to generate leads because getting leads means more revenue for your business.

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This isn’t good, especially when you need to immediately start building a relationship with your leads.

But with LeadsTunnel, you won’t have to worry about any of that!

LeadsTunnel is a software that streamlines your leads into your desired CRM or ESP (Email Service Provided). This lets you automate any of your existing sale funnels so you can spend more time writing copy for ads and building relationships with new leads.

As soon as your prospect submits their information into your Facebook Lead Ad, you’ll get immediately notified.  

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So make sure to use the  A.A.I.D.A. Formula when you create a Facebook Lead Ad to help you effectively attract leads.

Keep Practicing

This is only one formula to help write Facebook Ad copy that converts. There are lots of other strategies and techniques that you can learn when it comes to writing good copy for your Facebook Ads.

So keep practicing because having good ad copy helps get people to click on your ad. 

Please share this article with your network, and leave a comment below telling us if using the A.A.I.D.A Formula for Facebook Ads has helped you, we would love to hear how this formula for writing Facebook Ads has made an impact on your business.

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