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The Ultimate Checklist To Get You Ready To Run Your First Facebook Lead Ad




Everyone is running Facebook Ads, simply because the platform has over a billion users. But a lot of marketers aren’t utilizing Facebook’s secret weapon, Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook Lead Ads is an ad that appears to whoever you decide to target, and when they click on the ad, a form appears requesting for them to submit their information.

It’s a simple and easy way for prospects to fill in a form because it’s pre-populated with their information. It is one of the best ways to collect leads for your business.

So to help you create a Facebook Lead Ad, we made a checklist for you to follow, so you have everything you need beforehand. 

And by following this Facebook Lead Ad checklist, it will allow you to make sure your ad runs successfully and smoothly.

So here is a list of everything you need to run your first Facebook Lead Ad, continue reading to learn more.

☐ Read Our Facebook Lead Ad Walkthrough Guide

Before you even start getting everything you need to create your first Facebook Lead Ad, you must take the time to read our blog that gives an entire walkthrough on how to set-up your first Facebook Lead Ad.

Click here to read our full Facebook Lead Ad blog walkthrough. 

This will show you the proper way to set-up a Facebook Lead Ad for when creating your own and prevent you from making any mistakes.

I also recommend bookmarking it so you can refer back to it while going through the set-up process, in case you forget anything.

☐ Create A Facebook Business Manager Account

Now that you understand how to create a Facebook Lead Ad, it’s time to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that allows you to easily organize and manage all your ads in one place. 

Go here right now to learn how to set-up your own Facebook Business Manager account. It is a very simple process and will only take a few minutes.

☐ Write Your Ad

Now you need to decide on what you want your ad to say. Writing your ad for Facebook isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it will take time to get better at it.

But we do have some ways to help you! 

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with Facebook’s ad policies. This way, you can make sure your ads get approved and that you don’t do anything that is against Facebook’s ad rules.

Next, take a moment to read over our blog that shares how to write high-converting Facebook Ads. It shares with you a trick to follow when writing ads, Go here now to read it. 

And when you are writing the copy for your Facebook Lead Ad, always remember to keep in mind where the customer is along your customer journey when they are seeing your ad. 

For example, if you are retargeting ads, you would have a different messaging than an ad that is being shown to people who haven’t heard of your business before.

☐ Have A Lead Magnet Ready

Facebook Lead Ads work best when there is a Lead Magnet that can help attract people to fill in their information. 

If you don’t know what a Lead Magnet is, it is a marketing tool that can be used to attract leads to give you their email in exchange for giving them something for free.

There are two different types of Lead Magnets, content-based and offer-based.

Content-based Lead Magnet is like a free ebook, pdf, or checklist, while an offer-based Lead Magnet is offering a discount of free consultation. 

If you decide to do a content-based Lead Magnet, you can either create your own or have someone create one for you.

For more information about how to create a Lead Magnet, I recommend checking out our blog that teaches you how by clicking here. 

Just remember to make sure that your Lead Magnet makes sense for your business and that it provides value to whoever receives it.

☐ Find Ad Images Or Video

It’s time to figure how you want your ad to look and if you want to use an image or video.

Depending on your business, and if this is your first ad, it’s probably much easier for you to create an image for your ad instead of a video. 

For image ads, you can either do a single image or a carousel ad with several different images.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a design expert to create a simple Facebook Ad image. 

You can use Canva to design your ad, it’s a completely free and easy to use tool that allows you to easily design Facebook ads. 

It even gives you the proper sizing to use for your ad, just type in “Facebook Ads” into the search bar in Canva, and it will give you tons of different designs to choose from that are the right size. 

And to find images to use for your ads, check out Unsplash or Pixabay for high-quality royalty-free images. 

When creating your ad image, it’s important to use high-quality images and not have too much text on your ad.

If your lead ad has a content-based Lead Magnet, like an eBook, then I highly recommend checking out Fiverr to get someone to create a 3-D image of your book that you can use in your ad to catch people’s attention.

☐ Decide On What Questions You Want To Ask

As you know by now, the purpose of a Facebook lead ad is to collect information from leads through pre-filled forms that pop-up once the ad is clicked on.

And there are different types of questions you can ask, as shown in the Facebook Lead Ad walkthrough blog, but you need to decide if you want to ask only a few questions or several questions.

It honestly depends on the purpose of your ad. If you want to just build an email list, you can just ask for their name and email. 

Lead Ads with only a few questions will receive more leads because it’s easier for them to submit their information.

But if you want to pre-screen and to get higher-quality leads, you can ask several questions to see if they are a good fit for your services and to better sell to them when you follow-up.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember to only ask for the information that you need. 

For example, if you are never going to call your leads, don’t bother asking them for a phone number and just collect their emails.

So, take some time to decide on what questions you want to ask for your first Facebook Lead Ad and have them prepared for when you create your ad.

☐ Know Who To Target

You finally have everything that you need to create your ad, so you need to start thinking about who you want to see your ad.

There are lots of different strategies that you can use for your targeting, but we recommend using a big keyword targeting strategy.

Research who the big players are in your industry, and use their names to target your ads. It also works with public figures in your industry that have a large following.

The reason you do this is that you already know their audience will be interested in your products or services.

For example, if you sell kitchen gadgets, you could use “Bed Bath and Beyond” as your keyword for your detailed targeting. 

And a great way to research or find other big keywords that you could use is through Facebook’s Audience Insights

It’s a free tool that Facebook has that gives you information about different audiences on Facebook. We recommend using it when planning your Facebook Ads.

☐ Set-Up Your Follow Up

Before you have your Facebook Lead Ad created and published, you must have your follow-up strategy in place.

There are so many ads on Facebook now, once someone has given you their information, they have probably been hit with a bunch of other similar ads right after.

That’s why it’s important to keep your business at the top of their mind by following-up with them right away.

There are plenty of ways to do that, like email, phone call, email, SMS, but the best way to immediately contact a new lead in our opinion is by email.

It’s the best way to let them know that you got their information and what they can do next. 

If you do want to follow-up using other methods later, of course, you can do that. 

So before you create your Facebook Lead Ad, make sure you have an automated email set-up to send out to people as soon as they submit their information.

☐ Set-Up LeadsTunnel

There is one last step that you need to do before getting started on creating your first Facebook Lead Ad, which is setting-up LeadsTunnel.

As I mentioned previously, it’s important to follow-up with your leads as soon as they submit their information. The only problem is that with Facebook there is no automated way to collect your leads.

Instead, you have to manually export the leads yourself and import them into your ESP or CRM of choice, making it impossible to contact your leads right away.

But with LeadsTunnel, you don’t have to worry about any of that! 

LeadsTunnel is software that ‘tunnels’ your new leads into your pre-existing ESP or CRM. It sends all the collected information from Facebook Lead Ads into your provider.

This will allow you to respond to your new email subscribers in real-time and send them an email as soon as their information is collected.

Go Here Now To Claim Your FREE 7-Day LeadsTunnel Trial

Create Your First Facebook Lead Ad

You have everything you need to create your first Facebook Lead Ad, so it’s time to get started and gather new leads.

But if you are still feeling a little unsure of what you want your Facebook Lead Ad to look like, I recommend going to check out our blog here that shares 3 brilliant Facebook Lead Ad examples that you can learn from.

Don’t forget to comment below sharing with us how our training has helped you and your business, and if you can, please share this blog with your network of entrepreneurs, we appreciate it! 

And if you haven’t yet, go here to claim your free 7-day LeadsTunnel trial to automate your entire Lead Generation process. 

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