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5 Shocking Lead Response Statistics To Help Increase Your Sale Conversions




Generating leads is a crucial part of growing your business because it helps you get sales. And if you aren’t following-up with newly-acquired leads, then generating them is almost pointless.

Which is why we are sharing Lead Response statistics that can help improve your follow-up strategy to increase sale conversions! 

If you don’t already know, Lead Response is the time it takes you to follow-up and contact generated leads, starting from when they are fill-in a form till the time they are contacted. 

And a follow-up strategy is a plan you put in place for communicating with leads through email, phone, or SMS after they have filled in a form to take them through the sales process.

So, if you want to learn lead response statistics that can help improve your business, continue reading below…

1) Only 4.7% of companies achieve the optimal time of responding to a lead, which is within 5 minutes (Source: InsideSales).

The majority of businesses aren’t able to respond to their leads immediately. And they probably don’t realize that by not responding right away, it decreases their chance of making contact 10X according to Inside sales.

So, as soon as a lead submits a form to you, you need to be following-up with them by phone, SMS, or email within 5-minutes. Otherwise, it will be much harder to make contact with them.

It might sound difficult to follow-up with a lead immediately, but later on, in this blog, we will give you a recommendation to help improve your follow-up strategy and how you can automate the entire process.

2) There is a 90% chance of contacting a lead by the 6th call (Source: Inside Sales).

When following-up with leads, don’t give up on contacting them after the first call. 

Because like the statistic above shows, you want to make at least 6 attempts to contact a lead.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you want to harass them. It’s just something to keep in mind when you aren’t able to contact a lead on the first try.

So, keep trying to contact them, because it will improve your chance of making contact, and can increase your chances of getting a sale. 

3) 78% of customers buy from the sales representative that responds to their inquiry first (Source: Lead Connect).

When customers are in the market looking to buy, and contacting different companies, being the first one to respond to them, makes a difference.

Because people that are in the market looking to buy want to take action fast. So, if you are the first to respond to them, there is a much higher chance that they are going to buy from you.

And if you don’t have a follow-up strategy in place that allows you to immediately follow-up with leads, then you are losing out on sales!

4) 77.17% of leads that submitted their information, never received a phone call (Source: InsideSales).

Businesses aren’t following-up with their leads, but you can use this to your own advantage because this means that there is less competition when you ask for a sale. 

And you want to make use of opportunities that other businesses aren’t taking advantage of.

So, always follow-up with your new leads because that’s how you grow your business.

5) There is a 391% increase in sales conversions when the lead is contacted within the first minute (Source: Lead Connect).

Earlier, the first statistic is about how the best time to respond to a lead with a follow-up is within the 5-minutes of them filling in a web form.  

But, what if you can contact a lead within the first minute? Because according to Lead Connect, when a lead is contacted within the first minute of submitting a form to you, there is a 391% increase in sales conversions.

I already know what you are thinking, it’s impossible to follow-up with a new lead that fast. 

Especially if you are using Facebook Lead Ads or Google Lead Forms to generate leads, there is no way to immediately contact your new leads.

Instead, you have to manually export all their information yourself to then import into a CRM or ESP (Email Service Provider) of your choice.

This basically makes it impossible for you to follow-up with leads within 1-minute or even 5-minutes! 

But with LeadsTunnels, you won’t have to worry about any of that! 

Follow-Up With New Leads Immediately

LeadsTunnel is software that ‘tunnels’ your new leads into your pre-existing ESP, it sends all the collected information from Facebook Lead Ads or Google Lead Forms into your provider.

It lets you respond to your new leads in real-time and automatically send them an email when their information is collected.

This means that you can follow-up with leads within minutes of them submitting a form on Facebook Lead Ads or Google Lead Ads, as suggested from the Lead Response statistics above. 

There are also in-app emails and SMS features that give you the ability to communicate with your leads and store all their information in LeadsTunnel. This is a cost-effective solution if you don’t have a CRM or ESP in place. And for an additional cost, you can also make phone calls through LeadsTunnel.

So claim your FREE 7-day LeadsTunnel trial today to automate the entire process of following-up with new leads!

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Increase Sale Conversions

Now that you know how to create a strong follow-up strategy and how to automate the entire process with LeadsTunnel, it’s time to put this new training and start responding to leads! 

So, please comment below letting us know how this training has helped improve your business, and if you can, please share this blog with your network of entrepreneurs, we appreciate it! 

And If you haven’t yet, remember to claim your FREE 7-day LeadsTunnel Trial now by clicking here.

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