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A Simple Way To Generate Real Estate Leads Through Facebook [Video]




As a Real Estate Agent, you need to constantly bring in new leads, especially to stay on top of the unpredictable nature of the Real Estate Market. 

And a great and simple way for you to generate a continuous stream of leads is through Facebook Lead Ads, especially since it is the best social platform for Lead Generation.

Best Social Platform For Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ads collects leads information through a pre-populated form that pops-up when the ad is clicked on

This makes it easy for you to generate leads and for your leads to give you their information within the Facebook platform. 

So today, you are going to learn how to set-up a proper Facebook Lead Ads for Real Estate that will bring in new leads. 

If you learn better through video, check out this video our CEO Fred Lam made.

Otherwise, continue reading to learn how to use Facebook as your lead generation strategy for Real Estate.

Create A Facebook Ad Campaign

The first thing you need to do is go to Facebook’s Business Manager. If you don’t have an account for it, you can learn how to make one here.

Facebook’s Business Manager is a free tool on Facebook that easily lets you manage and organize your Facebook pages and ads. 

Once you are in your Facebook’s Business Manager, go to the top left corner of the page where it says “Business Manager,” click on the dots next to it and select “Ads Manager.” 

When you are on the page, check that you are on the campaigns tab, and then click on the green “Create” button to start creating your first Facebook campaign.

Check The Special Ad Category Box

Now,  you’ll get taken to a page to begin creating your Facebook Ad Campaign. 

The next step is really important because when you are running ads on Facebook related to housing, you must check the special ad category box since you are in Real Estate.

Screen Shot Special Ad Category

And then for the ad category, just double check that “Housing” is selected, as shown in the picture above. The reason for this is because Facebook has special policies for advertising in certain industries.

Select Your Marketing Objective

Now it’s time to select your Marketing Objective. The purpose of your ad is to bring in leads, so for this ad campaign, select “Lead Generation.”

Marketing Objectives Facebook Screen Shot

Next, you need to decide on your campaign budget. You can start with a budget of $20, but we recommend doing $100 or more. The reason for this is because more leads mean more sales for you.

Facebook Screen Shot Lead Generation

You also want to make sure Campaign Budget Optimization is turned on. This let’s Facebook help to optimize the distribution of your campaign budget across all your campaign’s ad sets to get the best results.

For example, when an ad set is performing well, Facebook will allocate more of your budget to that ad set in comparison to the other ad sets. 

Now click “Continue” to move onto choosing your ad targeting.

Choose Your Targeting

Since you have selected the special ad category because you are in Real Estate, your selection for targeting is limited. 

You are not able to touch the age or gender for targeting, but you can focus on the location targeting and detailed targeting.

Facebook Location Targeting Screen Shot

Location Targeting

For location targeting, copy the address of a place that you are selling into the Facebook location bar. Then after you put in the location, set it to a 15 – 25 miles radius for your targeting distance like shown in the picture below.

Facebook Screen Shot Location

You also want to check that “People living in or recently in this location” is selected for your location targeting. 

Both the radius and location setting is important for targeting people visiting the area who might be looking for a house. This way, you aren’t just targeting people that already live in the area.

Detailed Targeting

The detailed targeting strategy that we suggest for Real Estate Facebook Lead Ads is different than what we have taught before. 

Usually, we tell you to go after one big keyword for your targeting. But instead, use as many keywords as possible and stack them on top of each other that are related to what you are selling. 

And the reason why you stack relevant keywords is that when you use location targeting for your ad, it makes your audience size small. So to help with that, you stack keywords on top of each other for larger audience size. 

Here is some example of Real Estate keywords that you could use:

  • First-time buyer 
  • Zillow
  • Homes.com
  • House hunting
  • First-time home buyer 

Select Placement

For the placement of your ad, you want to keep it fairly simple as there is no need for your ad to appear everywhere when wanting to generate leads for Real Estate. 

Therefore, you only need to select Facebook and Instagram news feed on both mobile and desktop for your ad placement. 

So select “Manual Placements” and uncheck all the boxes except for Facebook and Instagram News Feed, as shown in the image below.

Facebook Ad Placements Screen Shot

Now click the blue “Continue” button at the bottom of the page to begin designing your ad.

Write Your Ad Copy

There are lots of options you have for how you want your ad to look and what images or videos you want to use. But when it comes to your ad copy, which is the text of your ad, you must include an offer to give away for free.

Giving away something for free that attracts a lead into giving you their information is called a Lead Magnet.

If you are not generating leads online, it is most likely because your Lead Magnet is not attractive enough.

Facebook Ad Text Screen Shot

Here are some Lead Magnets you could use to attract leads:

  • $10 Gift Card for attending an open house
  • Buyers Guide
  • Moving Checklist
  • Relocation Packet.

Choose whatever offering makes sense to you, but just make sure to include it in the copy of your ad.

For more information on writing strong ad copy, check out this blog post here about the secret formula for writing Facebook Ads that convert. 

Create Your Lead Ad

Now it’s time to create your Lead Ad Form. After you write the copy for your Facebook Ad, you’ll see a section called “Instant Form.”

This is where you want to create the form that you use in your Facebook Ad to gather leads. So, select the blue “New Form” button to start making your lead form.

Facebook Lead Ad Form Screen Shot

After clicking “New Form,” a pop-up should appear, which looks like the image above. It’s up to you which form type you want to do, “More Volume” or “Higher Intent.”

Facebook Lead Ad Form Screen Shot

“More Volume” is used to quickly collect the lead’s information but with “Higher Intent” there is a second step that makes the lead review their information to confirm it’s correct before submitting. 

For more information on form types and other important details regarding Facebook Lead Ads, check out our blog here that gives a complete walkthrough.

When you are creating your Lead Ad, you need to decide on what information you want to collect from your leads for you to follow-up with them later. 

You don’t want to make your lead fill in a bunch of unnecessary information that doesn’t provide you any value, so only ask for what you need.

The questions can be simple, you can just ask for name, phone number, and email. 

But, If you want to ask for more information to better cater to their needs, you can add “Custom Questions” to your form, as shown in the image below.

Facebook Lead Form Questions Screen Shot

If you want to learn how to get higher-quality leads with Facebook Lead Ads, be sure to check out this blog here. 

Now click “Confirm” for your ad to go live, it’s time to generate lots of new Real Estate Leads and start getting house sales!

Turn Your Facebook Leads Into Sales

Facebook really is an easy and simple way for you to generate more leads. But there is one problem that Facebook Lead Ads have, there is no automated way for you to contact your leads. 

This isn’t good when a study done by Inside says that when it takes more than 5 minutes to respond to your leads, your chance of making contact decreases by 10 times.

That’s why you need to make contact with your new leads as soon as you can to help encourage getting a sale. And LeadsTunnel can help you achieve that! 

LeadsTunnel is a software that lets you respond to your new leads immediately, even if you don’t have a CRM or email service provider, you can store all your leads information within LeadsTunnel as a cost-effective solution.

All the leads you’ve collected through your Facebook Lead Ads get sent into LeadsTunnel in real-time. And if you do have a CRM or ESP, LeadsTunnel streamlines all your new leads into the provider of your choice to automate the digital marketing funnels that you already have in place.

With the in-app email and SMS features, you can create conversations with your leads and manage them with customized tagging for maximized efficiency in the LeadsTunnel interface. 

So, claim your FREE 7-Day LeadsTunnel trial now to begin successfully building relationships with your leads today!

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Sell, Sell, Sell!

We hope that this blog has helped you learn how to successfully start generating more Real Estate Leads through Facebook Leads Ads.

Comment below to let us know if you try using Facebook Lead Ads to bring in leads and let us know your results! We love hearing about how our training has helped you and your business. And please share this article with your network of entrepreneurs and business owners. 

And, make sure you claim your 7-Day FREE LeadsTunnel trial here.

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