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How To Level Up Your Lead Generation With Transactional SMS




Did you know that 75% of consumers want businesses to text them information about reminders, offers, information, shipping, or payments, but only 30% of businesses are doing so? 

As you can see, this is a huge missed opportunity for businesses, especially in regards to your lead generation. 

When it comes to lead generation, most businesses commonly follow-up using email or through phone calls. But with SMS, it could take your lead generation to the next level! 

SMS allows you to immediately contact leads by text message after submitting their information to you.

And there are two types of SMS that you can send, which are transactional SMS and promotional SMS. 

So, What Is The Difference Between Transactional SMS And Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS is for businesses to send text messages for marketing purposes. The SMS contains information about promotions, discounts, and special offers.

For promotional SMS, only people who have opted-in to your list can receive promotional SMS from your business. You can instantly send out scheduled SMS campaigns. It is a great way to increase customer engagement and sales. 

With transactional SMS, it’s a non-marketing automated text that provides leads or customers with helpful information. And can be used to help support leads during their journey with the brand. 

And for transactional SMS, it only has to be set-up once and continues to send automated messages to new leads. 

Here are some examples of different types of transactional SMS:

  • Welcome messages
  • Confirmations
  • Shipping Updates
  • Reminders 
  • Schedule Appointments

So, as you can see, when generating leads, using transactional SMS can help make sure your follow-up strategy is successful.

But when sending transactional SMS and promotional SMS there are some rules and regulations you need to follow.

Rules And Regulations For SMS

Transactional SMS and promotional SMS each have different rules and regulations. There are compliance laws according to the Telephone Consumer Act (TCPA) that you need to follow. 

Both Canada and the U.S. follow TCPA, but they have different laws when it comes to the time you can send an SMS. 

For promotional SMS, you are not able to send any messages before 8 A.M. and after 9 P.M. local time. But with transactional SMS, there are no time restrictions for when you send them a message. 

Although transactional SMS can be sent at any time of the day, it must be clear that the messages are not meant for marketing purposes. 

The compliance rules are slightly more lenient because the message that is sent out to leads or customers is information that is necessary for them to receive.

And that’s why Transactional SMS is perfect when incorporated into your lead generation strategy. In fact, there are benefits to using transactional SMS as your follow-up strategy with leads!

Transactional SMS Can Work Alongside A Follow-Up Email

When it comes to following-up with leads, the majority of businesses just send an email or call their leads on the phone. 

But by sending leads a transactional SMS before your follow-up email, you are able to remind them directly to check their inbox for an email with more information. 

Your leads are probably receiving several emails from other businesses, so there is a chance that they might miss your follow-up email as it could get buried under other emails. 

And one of the best things about sending transactional SMS is that it has a higher open rate in comparison to email. SMS even has an open rate of 98% which is 3x more than the open rate for email . 

So, by sending transactional SMS, you can remind your leads to read your follow-up email which will help increase the open rate of your email. 

It also can build a positive relationship with your leads, and educate your customers about important updates, this way they are depending on your business for information.

But of course, in order to send transactional SMS, you need to generate leads. Luckily for you, there is a simple way to do it.

Generate Leads With Lead Ads

There are several different ways you can generate leads for your business, but one of the easiest and more efficient ways is with Facebook Lead ads or Google Lead Forms. 

You can generate leads through their easy opt-in form that lets prospects give you their information. 

To learn step-by-step how to create a Facebook Lead ad, click here to check out our blog that explains how. 

And to learn how to create a Google Lead Form, click here to read our other blog with a full tutorial on how. 

And when creating your Lead ad, you need to make sure to be collecting both their email and phone number to send a transactional SMS message.

Then, after a lead submits their information into the lead ad, an SMS message will be sent automatically. So, let’s get into how to write transactional SMS:

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Reinstate Your Lead Magnet & Offer
  3. Tell Them To Check Their Email For More Information

As mentioned previously, you want to tell your lead to check their email for more information  because SMS has a higher open rate in comparison to email, so they are more likely to check the SMS before the email. 

But when it comes to leads, although it is a great way to acquire new leads, there is one one problem…

There’s no automated way to collect your leads after they have submitted their information. 

This means if you want to follow-up with your leads and send them a transactional SMS, you’ll have to go into the backend of Facebook or Google and export them yourself. 

Which isn’t good, because by the time you finally can follow-up with your generated leads, they’ll be ice cold! 

But don’t worry, because, with LeadsTunnel, you can automate the entire process and automatically send transactional SMS to your new leads. 

Send Transactional SMS With LeadsTunnel

LeadsTunnel is a software that automatically connects your Facebook Lead Ads or Google Lead Forms to your existing digital marketing funnels. 

So, if you have a CRM or Email Service Provider (ESP) in place already, LeadsTunnel streamlines all your new leads into your provider. It allows you to respond to your new leads as soon as they have submitted their information. 

But even if you don’t have a CRM or ESP, you can follow-up with your leads and store their information all inside LeadsTunnel as a cost-effective solution. 

Best part is, you’ll be able to send automated transactional SMS to new leads as soon as their information is submitted with LeadsTunnel. 

Try LeadsTunnel for yourself by claiming a FREE 7-day LeadsTunnel trial. Start following-up with your new leads using transactional SMS to improve your lead generation results. 

Go Here Now To Claim Your Free 7-Day LeadsTunnel Trial!

Hopefully you found this blog helpful in learning more about how transactional SMS can level up your lead generation.

So, please comment below sharing your thoughts on using transactional SMS and how it has impacted your business. And if you haven’t yet, we would appreciate it if you shared this blog with your own network of entrepreneurs.

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