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7 Amazing Prospecting Statistics To Get More Customers And Sales




According to Spotio, over 40% of salespeople say that the most challenging part of the entire sales process is prospecting. 

Especially with so much competition out there, you need to focus on what is going to get prospects to take the time to listen to what you have to say and offer.

If you don’t know already, prospecting is the process of developing new business by searching for potential customers or buyers for your product or services. The goal is to move prospects through the sales funnel until they convert into customers. 

Here is a simple sales funnel to visually see how prospecting works with the sales funnel:

7 Amazing Prospecting Statistics To Get More Customers And Sales
Source: Due

As you can see from the sales above, it starts with leads, prospects, then becoming a customer.

The difference between leads and prospects is that leads have expressed interest in your company through visiting a website, subscribing, or downloading an ebook.

Leads become prospects if they are qualified and have needs and wants that align with your products or services. 

So, if you are ready to learn some statistics to help with prospecting, then continue reading…

1) 96% of buyers say that the value you can deliver influences their purchase decision. (Source: Rain Group)

Providing value to prospects is a lot more important than you think. If buyers see you as valuable, you’ll want to listen to what you have to say which could turn into a sale. 

You want to think about what you can do for them and not what they can do for you.  So focus on the value and insight that you can deliver to them.

Because according to Rain Group, you only have 5-10 minutes to prove your value to prospects, so start strong and bring value!

2) The phone is essential to prospecting as 49% of buyers said it’s their second most preferred method of contact. (Source: Rain Group)

A lot of sellers think that cold calling prospects by phone is dead. But as statistics tell us, that is not the case. 

And according to Rain Group, 27% of sellers say that calling a new contact is still very effective. But it’s important to have good skills for it. 

Especially because 85% of prospects and customers say that they are dissatisfied with their experience on the phone with a seller according to Spotio.

So even though cold calling by phone might seem like it won’t work and is scary to do, it’s essential to take the time to practice and get better at it because it will be beneficial to turn prospects into customers.

3) 8 in 10 buyers prefer to talk to sellers by email, and 78% of sellers use email to sell. (Source: Spotio)

If you think email isn’t an effective way to reach out to prospects you are wrong. It is actually the most preferred way. 

That being said, it also isn’t the only way you should reach out to prospects. As mentioned above, you should also put your efforts into reaching out by phone but with your primary efforts being put into sending emails. 

So if you haven’t been using email, start using it. The more ways you can contact prospects to determine if your products and services are right for them, the better.

4) 80% of buyers say they prefer to be contacted by sellers through email that is personal and tailored to them.  (Source: Rain Group

When reaching out to prospects by email, it’s better to have the email customized to the prospect that is receiving it. 

So avoid sending bulk emails during the prospecting process. 

And Rain Group says that 31% of sellers said that sending emails manually after doing research and customizing the message is more effective than when they send out a bulk email. 

So research about your prospect beforehand and understand how your product or service would be beneficial to their needs and wants for when you send them a customized and tailored email.

5) 82% of buyers accept to meet with sellers when they reach out to them. (Source: Rain Group)

You can’t make the excuse that prospects don’t want to hear from you, because they do! 

The more people you continue to reach out to, the higher chance you have of finding a prospect that would want to meet with you to discuss your products or services.

So start making phone calls, sending out emails, because the odds are in your favor.

6) At least 50% of your prospects aren’t a good fit for your product or service (Source: Marc Wayshak)

With the previous statistic in mind, even though people are willing to meet about your products or services, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for them. 

Because there is a 50% chance of prospects not being a good fit for products or services, but that does mean that the other 50% could be a good fit! 

So you just need to keep hustling and not get discouraged by people saying no. 

Because even if you keep getting no’s, eventually you will get a yes!

7) 71% of buyers say they want to hear from you when they are looking for opportunities to improve their business. And 62% when they are trying to solve a problem (Source: Rain Group).

When you reach out to prospects, you don’t want to wait to do it. 

Because Buyers want to hear from sellers early in the buying process, as proven with the statistics above. 

There are only 2% of prospects that don’t want to engage with sellers during their journey, which is exactly why it’s important to reach out to them early on. 

So, create a plan that allows you to reach out to prospects early in the buying process.

Qualifying Prospects

As I mentioned earlier, the sales process starts with leads, prospects, and then customers.

So, first, you need to collect leads and then find out if they qualify as prospects by determining if your products or services are right for them.

And a great way to collect leads is with Facebook Leads Ads. 

Facebook Lead Ads allows you to easily collect information from leads, such as their name, email, or phone number when your ad is clicked on. A form pops-up that is pre-filled with information that they can submit to you. 

If you want full details on how to set-up a Facebook Lead Ad for your business, go here to read our blog that gives you an entire walk-through on creating a Facebook Lead Ad. 

Although Facebook Lead Ads is a very effective way to gather leads, it does have one problem, there is no automated way to collect your leads. 

Instead, you have to manually export the leads yourself and import them into your ESP or CRM of choice, making it impossible to follow-up right away and determine if they qualify as a prospect.

But with LeadsTunnel, you don’t have to worry about any of that! 


LeadsTunnel is software that ‘tunnels’ your new leads into your pre-existing CRM or ESP (Email Service Provider). It sends all the collected information from Facebook Lead Ads into your provider.

This will allow you to respond to leads in real-time and send them an email as soon as their information is collected, which is great for prospecting! 

Once you have collected your leads with Facebook Lead Ads, you can use LeadsTunnel to immediately follow-up and determine if they are qualified as a prospect and have needs and wants that align with your products or services. 

As there are in-app emails and SMS features that give you the ability to communicate and store all their information in LeadsTunnel. And there are also call credits directly through LeadsTunnel for an additional cost.

But that’s not all, LeadsTunnel has a Lead Scoring system that categorizes your leads as cold, warm or hot based on their level of commitment to your business offer that determines the quality of your leads.

So you can quickly identify which leads are worth your time and which aren’t to effectively prioritize follow-ups. 

So claim your FREE 7-day LeadsTunnel trial today to automate the process of collecting leads and getting new prospects!

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Get Started

Now that you know statistics to help improve your prospecting, it’s time to get to work on putting all the statistics you learned to use.

And remember to make use of Facebook Lead Ads and Leadstunnel to automate your digital sales funnel! 

Comment below sharing with us how our training has helped you and your business, and if you can, please share this blog with your network of entrepreneurs, we appreciate it! 

And if you haven’t yet, go here to claim your free 7-days LeadsTunnel trial!

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